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Film, TV & Movies, have always been a passion of mine. Producing and editing videos will always be my favorite part of my job. I enjoy the visual effects, motion graphics, and overall cinematography seen in movies. I'm constantly analyzing film to better understand my craft and career.

Video games have always had the biggest influence in my career. A gamer at heart, I enjoy the competitive nature of First Person Shooter games like Overwatch, Halo, and Call of Duty. Strategy, lightning-fast reflexes, the ability to adapt under pressure and balance multiple tasks at once are just a few of the skills that video games have taught me.

Graphic Design is a huge part of my career and helps make my work more refined and polished. Meticulous typography, grid design, and other design trends allow me to provide the best quality work regardless of the medium.

These Are My Awesome Super Powers!

My job is about communication and visual translation.  It's about bringing your idea to life through Design & Motion.  I think differently than others when it comes to marketing and advertising.  If you're trying to grow your audience or customer base, develop/improve your branding or corporate identity, or if you're trying to educate the world about your product and want to bring life to your product through motion and animation, I'm the right candidate for the job!


Have any questions about my experience?  Take a trip to the past and journey through a portal of time and space by discovering my previous work experience.

Skills & Services




• Logos


• Iconography


• Infographics


• Identity & Branding


• Typography


• Investor Decks

• Product Packaging


• Game/Cover Art


• Print Advertising


• Invitations


• Business Cards


• T-shirt Design

• Website Design


• UI/HUD Design


• Web Banners


• YouTube/Twitter    Backgrounds


• Web Banners/Animated GIFs

• 2D Animation


• 3D Animation


• Title Sequences


• Logo Intro/Stinger

• Product Education


• Platform Education


• Web Advertisement


• Kinetic Typography

• Video Editing


• Sound Design


• Cinematography


• DSLR Video/Photography

• Social Media




• Facebook/Twitter Campaigns


• Content Management/Distribution

• Multimedia Advertising


• In-Video Programming


• Video Production


• Art Direction

• YouTube


• Facebook


• Twitter


• Ustream/Twitch.TV


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