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I started producing videos for YouTube in 2007 after I came across several montage videos from the popular video game, Halo 3. The budding eSports scene sparked my interest for video game footage, montage compilations, and machinima (video game animation). My first channel, “bpierc8”, which is no longer active, was dedicated to recording gameplay footage, creating montages, and animating machinima shorts complete with full scripts and voice overs.


After gaining nearly 1,000 subscribers, I decided to re-brand my channel and branch out to create live-action videos, skits, and vlogs.



In May of 2008, I launched my channel “iOnurb” which was a play on my existing Xbox Live gamer tag, “Onurb” (“Bruno”, spelled backwards). This channel allowed me to try several different approaches to creating content to discover my voice. After creating several short comedy skits and parodies, I gained nearly 10,000 subscribers. Wanting to take my videos in a more professional direction, I decided to start a consistently styled weekly series.


Hard Work

While these numbers might seem on the low end in comparison to the millions of views and subscribers garnered by current YouTube stars, every subscriber and view earned was the result of hard work and dedication to improving my skills.

SEASON 1: What it do?! (2009–2010 - 22 episodes)

Season 1 launched the creation of my catchphrase, “what it do”. The series consisted of 22 episodes and aired from 2009–2013. With weekly videos and vlog topics, I gained nearly 10,000 subscribers totaling at roughly 17,000.


Throughout Season 1, I tried to find my “vlog voice” and get in a rhythm of making weekly videos. The topics and skits involved were all self-written, however, despite mediocre success, I didn’t feel that I stood out amongst the thousands of other vloggers at the time. To put it simply, I was going where the ball was instead of going where the ball was going to be.

SEASON 2: VIdeo games, Let's play, and gaming pranks (2010–2011 - 9 episodes)

Season 2 was my attempt to return to my roots and produce video game related content. My passion for producing videos stemmed from video game footage and gameplay montages, and I had grown tired of the vlogging community and felt that I wasn't standing out enough from the crowd. In S2, I got my feet wet by recording online gameplay interactions, let's play videos, and other related content. Having only produced a handful of videos, I decided to to a break from YouTube to focus on finishing my degree and moving out-of-state from West Virginia to California.

SEASON 3: Voice characters, improv trolling, and more video games (2012–2013 - 36 episodes)

I hit my stride in Season 3 as I developed original voices and characters with full back stories for my content. After moving to California in 2012, I continued to record video game footage and online interactions as Erma the Smoker Lady, a 60-year old gamer, with a rich back story as well as her 35-year-old son, Jeremy, who still lives in the basement. Season 3 allowed me to practice my voice over technique while fooling thousands of people regarding my true identity. Within S3, I launched a 90-day Google Adwords campaign with a $100 budget and grew audiences by 10,000 totaling in nearly 28,000 subscribers.


The trolling community, as it was affectionately known as, dwindled and dispersed as it became increasingly harder to obtain quality footage and new content. After almost 2 years, 36 episodes, and nearly 1 million new views, I took a hiatus from YouTube and secured a full-time position as the Direct of Design for a tech company in San Jose.


In 2016, I decided to return to YouTube after a 2-year hiatus. My goal was produce original content, true to myself, my past, as well as my future endeavors. I decided to mix the style of videos that I had previously done by incorporating my unique voice characters, my vlog-style presentation, and a new approach to showcasing my humor. By infusing memes, television and movie clips, and other videos, I have truly stumbled upon a unique style that feels 100% my own. With topics ranging from video games, to pop culture and nostalgia, this season is the most ambitious season I have ever attempted on YouTube. With new videos every Monday and Wednesday and a special Weekly Top 5 clip series on Friday, I am producing more videos than ever before. I hope the future holds success and surprises as I continue to strive to provide one-of-a-kind entertaining content.


My start to S4 is slow to start regarding views but the response has overwhelmingly positive. To see the culmination of YouTube career, please watch my new series.


YouTube has enabled me to manage my time wisely.  While entertaining an audience of nearly 25,000 total subscribers between my 3 YouTube channels, I worked two part time jobs, and pursued my degree in Communication & New Media concentrating in Digital Film making.


YouTube has allowed me to take criticism.  Putting yourself out there on the Internet is hard.  You put yourself out to hang for everyone to criticize everything about you from your looks to your choice in music.  I can confidently take criticism and turn it around to make the most out of any project.


YouTube increased my knowledge of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and relevant trends in social media and various communities throughout the Internet.  It allowed me to recognize the importance of outreach and marketing to specific audiences while utilizing relevant titling, description, and tagging to optimize the potential for virality amongst all my videos.


So, while my content may not be appropriate for everyone [humor is always subjective], the principles and knowledge I gained from my time with YouTube is anything but humorous.




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