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The Importance of Branding & Identity

Graphic Design isn't just about making things look pretty.  Motion Graphics aren't just flashy titles.  And no, it's not just as simple as clicking a button.  Identity and branding are the elements that make up your company right now.  It's your logo, your website, your product, the way you speak, the way you dress, your office, everything.

Design plays an essential role in creating and building brands. Design differentiates and embodies the intangibles–

emotion, context, and essence–that matter most to consumers. - Moira Cullen (Senior Director, Global Design, The Hershey Company)

Your Brand is what separates you from your competition.  Brands can build trust and loyalty, so much even that they can develop cult-like followings and fans.  It's not just about the product or the service.  While many passionate business owners would love to believe that their product is enough to speak for itself or their service can't be matched, it's still not enough to make your business successful.  How a brand is perceived and viewed affects its success, whether it's a start up, non-profit, product, or local Taco Shop looking to take the college scene by storm!


On an average day consumers are exposed to six thousand advertisements and, each year, to more than twenty-five thousand new products...Brands help consumers cut through the proliferation of choices available in every product and service category.

- Scott M. Davis (Brand Asset Management)

The following video was a part of my senior thesis for my degree in Communication & New Media.  Having concentrated in Digital Film making and Graphic Design, I decided to create a motion graphic video explaining the importance of graphic design.  The video's title, "Why You Should Hire Me", appropriately titled, explains the purpose of the project as a whole as well as showcasing the aspects and culmination of our learning in the Communication Department.


The video was awarded a Silver ADDY for Animation by the American Advertising Federation of Greater Frederick, Maryland.





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